Why Top Tier?

I am a fitness professional who facilitates lasting change through exercise and nutrition, offering real results, and even better, I will make it fun!  You know that feeling of frustration that stems from information overload?  Just too much conflicting data?  I will cut through that and help you craft and execute a plan for change that delivers the results you’re looking for; sustainable results achieved under the umbrella of your responsibilities, needs and wants. 

An effective plan for change requires you develop skills and maintain motivation personally, socially and structurally. It should also be fun! My job is to teach the “hard” technical skills while supporting you through the development of “softer” skills needed to make your desired change sustainable and successful.

I also understand the difference between style and technique and will help you learn the technical fundamentals, which once mastered will allow you to choose the best workout style, that you find invigorating; with just the right level of challenge. I will tell you, there are no shortcuts, but there are shorter paths. As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I will help you facilitate lasting change, with real results!

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