What’s a health coach?

In short, a health coach is a supportive wellness authority, aiming to mentor their clients through consistent food and movement changes in order for them to feel their best! As your health coach I will tailor your individualized wellness program to meet your needs and guide you through a program to ensure you succeed. I understand that relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality are just as important to your health as the food you eat – that’s why I will focus on coaching you using an approach that will focus on “deep health” and support you as a “whole person”. 

I am dedicated to serving and helping you!

“Become A Healthier You”!!

You may think that a healthier YOU is about food. But it’s not just about the food. It’s about What, where, and how you eat. It’s about Whom you eat with, and about who you are and how you feel when you eat, (or don’t eat). It’s about feeling in charge of your own process.

I am committing to helping you create your own health and wellness plan. Together we will create your personal program, while considering realistic and reasonable goals, time frames, and ensure you use a growth mindset. I will work with you to develop strategies and skills to combat setbacks and off days. You will learn how to jump back on track without the self-sabotage and terrible self-talk. Ultimately, helping you stay focused on the process rather than the final outcome or result.

My Coaching Approach

My client-centered approach involves taking you through a step-by-step progression of practical actions that will help you realize your “TRUE POTENTIAL”! My coaching approach and steps involve me working with you in three areas. Those three areas consist of fitness, nutrition, and behaviors.

Learning and practicing skills is the key for ultimate and sustainable change, but as we know practicing new skills, to develop new habits can be challenging. I am dedicated to motivating you, making sure you’re accountable and consistent, offering you direct support, and guidance to help you reach all your goals. 

 I developed my approach to coaching through past experience and personal knowledge, as well as through my recent nutrition coaching course. I will focus on “deep health” and you as a “whole person”! This “deep health” approach is based upon using a specific structure and system, that is science-based. I feel confident that it will work for you. 

Overall, I believe that the approach I will use to help you, will ultimately help you change your behaviors, lifestyle, and mindset. It’s not always about counting calories or even macros. There are other methods to help you feel and be healthier. This approach involves discovering what will resonate and work best for you.  I am excited to be a part of your journey.

I am also here to help you navigate through some of the overwhelming situations that the health and fitness industry is famous for. Such as, too much information and not enough context, so many diet plans, and an abundance more options that are undetailed and unstructured, that set you up for temporary transformations and poor behavior patterns. Therefore, I am confident and committed to being a caring and compassionate coach. One that is patient, and that will supply you with a plan that is “INDIVIDUAL” and “SPECIFIC” to your needs and lifestyle. There is “NO, ONE meal plan or fitness program. There are “NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL” fitness and nutrition plans. Have you heard the saying, “there is more than one way to skin a cat”? Well the same goes for coaching and helping develop a fitness and nutrition plan for you. My approach involves setting up a plan that resonates with you and your lifestyle, no matter what your timelines, career, behaviors, or choices have been in the past. It is possible to CHANGE and become a “Healthier, more Fit, YOU”!  

I promise to be that coach that does not focus on just the body and forget the mind. Together by using a specific, structured, science-based, system and curriculum, I will help you reach your goals by focusing on building a plan that works specific to your lifestyle, and that will focus on nutrition, fitness and psychological behaviors in a tiered platform.

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