My name is Terina Terrill.

BCRPA Fitness Knowledge, CFES National Group Fitness, ACE Personal Training, CFES Advanced Weight Training, CFES National Aquafit Instructor, Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor, Certified Nutrition Consultant, CPR/First Aid.

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“Live with No Excuses!”
I am a client centered, results driven Health & Fitness Consultant. I pride myself in nurturing confidence and love generating enthusiasm and growth. The combination of my skills from both personal training and nutrition consulting promises to invite a beautiful balance toward helping you build a strong foundation and structure for SUCCESS!

“I consider my style of wellness consulting to be directed towards all styles of learning through verbal, visual, and auditory cues. I am PASSIONATE about helping WOMEN over 40 & WOMEN & MEN in BUSINESS reach and/or exceed their health and fitness goals.

Born and raised in the beautiful South Central British Columbia of Canada. My fondest memories come from owning my own fitness center, working as a certified fitness leader, outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, water sports, skiing, lifting weights, running and spending time with my family and friends. I look forward to vacations in Canada and will forever consider it HOME’!

In 2011 my family, husband Shaun, two daughters Teah and Bree, and son Cade relocated to Washington State. We currently reside in Selah WA. USA. Our move was initiated by a career opportunity with Sunrype USA for Shaun. Where he is currently still employed as Plant Manager. The move was challenging but we managed to settle in and are enjoying living here in the USA.

It’s safe to say that my determination and curiosity never changed when we moved from Canada to the USA. Rather, it continued to spiral me in the direction of new activities and continued obsessing about new opportunities and experiences.

From the early age of 16 I experienced first hand the direct association between fitness and personal satisfaction and this made me want to pursue a career in health and fitness. I began my journey in the fitness industry as a substitute group fitness instructor at our local rec-center.


As my passion for fitness grew I decided to get certified. My career began with a fitness knowledge course to gain a foundation of everything from safety, to body mechanics/movement and more. I continued on to explore more certifications in the health and fitness industry. I am both proud and passionate to have built my own online health and fitness consulting business.

I love sharing my enthusiasm and excitement, encouraging others to live a healthier lifestyle and to help people learn what their bodies are capable of. I believe with the right nutrition, workout program, determination, and accountability through support, that anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals.

I love living a healthy lifestyle and find great satisfaction in helping others live a positive, happy and healthy lifestyle too. Being healthy makes me feel confident and I love impacting others lives so they grow more confident too.

As a happily married 49 year old mom of three, I am passionate about setting good examples for younger generations. Moreover, I am truly passionate about helping WOMEN over 40 & WOMEN and MEN in business within my age category, discover the benefits of living a healthy life. Regular exercise, and healthy nutrition have been a cornerstone in overcoming some physical and emotional challenges in my life. I love being a positive influence in my personal life and in my community. I feel confident that I can make your health goals become a reality in a compassionate, fun, and dynamic way with a variety of functional strength, cardiovascular exercise and with food you get excited about.

I realize that as we age it's even more important to live a healthy lifestyle but that obstacles from trying to balance personal life, heavy workloads, and family, can be challenging. I feel CONFIDENT that I can help you grow a healthy body and peaceful mind which are key components to living a well-balanced, happy life.

My name is Terina Terrill.