Online group training is a great choice no matter your level of fitness. This Top Tier Coaching program includes:

  • group structured routines,
  • alternative exercises,
  • creativity,
  • and motivation.


*NOTE: This program does not include nutrition coaching. Nutrition Coaching can be purchased individually.



Drop in Class Fee

$25 (USD)

$30 (CAN)

Monthly Memberships: 2 Classes/Week
(3-month commitment)

This Membership includes some nutrition suggestions, some free recipes, and a one-time free sample made for you meal plan that you can utilize to help keep you focussed on healthy eating.

$120/mo (CAN)
$80/mo (USD)


*If you are interested in more personalized nutrition coaching that includes weekly meal plans and personalized coaching, please inquire within.

What to Expect

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2x/week group training sessions, 1 hour long, Tues/Thurs from 6-7am. These sessions are available via online video call.

You will be guided by an instructor that you are able to connect with throughout the hour.


Programming for group classes range from beginner to advanced techniques that will be fun, motivational, and creative to keep your workouts fresh and exciting.


Enjoy working out in the privacy of your own home to a functional workout led by a live instructor and with minimal equipment you have at home.